Montecarlo Data

This page contains the link to the Montecarlo data generated with genieHad and processed with geant4. Links to the software necessary to run the simulations are included as well.


GenieHad, slic, jas3 and other software tools are available at the following link:

All software related to lcsim is available at:

Generated events

The events generated with GenieHad are available, in hepevt format, at:

The same events, in stdhep format, are available at:

The filename is indicative of the parameters used in the generation. The format is:


For example, the file: redtop.1800mev.v41.etagammamumu.10001.hepevt corresponds to:

  • beam energy = 1800 MeV
  • detector version = 4.1
  • process: eta-> gamma mu+ mu-
  • run number= 10001

The following table connects the filename to the  GenieHad generator list used. Refer to GenieHad User’s Guide for more details on the generation procedure. The table is updated while more events are processed.

      filename            GenieHad generator list                           process                          Scattering model

  • eta3pi                  REDTOP_URQMD_ETA3PI                    p + nucleus → η X    wit  η → π+ππo                                       Urqmd.
  • etaincl                 REDTOP_URQMD_ETA                         p + nucleus → η X                                                         Urqmd
  • cve                     REDTOP_URQM_CVE                           p + nucleus → η X      with      η  → πee                           Urqmd
  • cvm                    REDTOP_URQM_CVM                           p + nucleus → η X      with      η  → πμμ                          Urqmd
  • hphch                  REDTOP_URQM_HPHch                       p + nucleus → η X      with      η  → γ A’ → γ + e+e          Urqmd.
  • hphne                  REDTOP_URQM_HPHne                       p + nucleus → η X      with      η  → γ A’ → γ + γ + γ        Urqmd
  • x17                     REDTOP_URQM_X17                            p + nucleus → η X      with      η  → γX(17) → γ + e+e       Urqmd
  • etagammaee        REDTOP_URQM_ETAGAMMAEE           p + nucleus → η X    with      η  →  γ + e+e                            Urqmd
  • etagammamumu   REDTOP_URQM_ETAGAMMAMUMU      p + nucleus → η X  with  η  → γ + μμ                                   Urqmd.
  • pi0hmumu            REDTOP_URQMD_ETA2PI0H_MUMU     p + nucleus → η X  with  η  → πo +H → πoμμ                 Urqmd
  • pi0hee                 URQM_ETA2PI0H_EE                           p + nucleus → η X  with  η  → πo +H → πoee                     Urqmd
  • urqmd                  REDTOP_URQMD                                p + nucleus →  X                                                           Urqmd
  • inclxx                  REDTOP_INCLXX                                 p + nucleus  X                                                                              Incl++

Geant4 processed events

Most of the events generated with GenieHad have also been processed trough Geant4 using the slic framework. The data are available, in slcio format, at the following links:

Signal events:

Single particle and calibration events:

Background events:

Use jas3 to visualize the data and lcsim for the reconstruction/analysis.